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Are you looking for luxury escort jobs? Welcome to Millionello International, a high-class escort agency offering luxury companionship services to CEOs, millionaires, and VIPs. We are currently hiring new escort models who would like to become part of our international team.

Discreet Escort Work

Our agency was founded by a self-made millionaire with a carefully collected source of connections worldwide. We deal only with top-level business executives, and we are privileged to know almost 90% of our clients personally. This helps us protect your privacy and safety!

Welcome to millionello international

By Maxime Mavrin – The General Manager

Are you an experienced escort model looking for an escort job? Or you have never worked as an escort before but are considering trying it out? Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Maxime, the general manager of Millionello International Escort Agency, and I am glad to welcome you to our website!

Searching for reliable escort jobs in such a crowded industry can be challenging. With hundreds of escort agencies on the internet, it takes time to pick the right one, especially for newcomers to the escorting industry.

That’s why I am here to get to know each other without any pressure to work together! Before you reach out, please let me explain briefly how we work:

I do not see myself as your boss, and I never act that way! At Millionello International, the models and I collaborate as a team to make it a financially successful collaboration. As your manager, I take my responsibilities seriously, and the last I want is to lose your or my time. Therefore, I always provide straightforward advice, sharing honest recommendations for models to achieve greater financial success.

Typically, people stick to a particular style, but as an outsider, I can offer valuable insights into improvements for your profession. This could involve suggestions like a new photoshoot, adjusting your clothing style, or even experimenting with a different hair color to enhance your overall appeal.

In addition, models choose our management service to ensure their privacy, safety, and comfort. Therefore, unlike most other agencies, we do not have a private gallery where models are exposed with their clear-face photos or selfies. The reason is that most clients provide their login credentials to third parties, including models that they book, which poses a significant privacy risk to other models on the site.

We understand that today’s culture in the escort industry is highly competitive, but we will never compromise the model’s privacy to get more bookings!

On this page, you will find more information on luxury escort jobs and about working as a high-class escort. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more information. I look forward to connecting with you!

How does Millionello International protect the model’s privacy?

Private Gallery

Unlike most agencies, we don’t have a private gallery where models are exposed online with clear-face photos. The reason is that many clients share their login credentials with third parties, including models they book. In addition, access to private galleries allows anyone to take screenshots, posing a severe threat to the careers of international models by confirming their escort work.

Clear-Face Photos

We don’t share models’ clear-face photos that could be connected to photos on our website. For instance, we avoid sending clear-face lingerie photos that the models use in their profiles on our website. Instead, we typically share the model’s personal, clear-face photos, ensuring outsiders can’t connect a screenshot image from our website with the clear-face image we sent.


We don’t send models’ clear-face photos by e-mail. Instead, we use WhatsApp, which lets the client view the photo only once before it gets automatically deleted. Additionally, when the one-time-view option is activated, the client cannot take screenshots.

Client Check

Unfortunately, many agencies nowadays prioritize their financial interests over the models’ privacy by sending models’ clear-face photos to anyone who asks for it. At Millionello International, we apply a rigorous verification process to first-time clients.

A few tips when applying for an escort job

Read All The Information

Applying for a high-class escort agency is similar to applying to any other company. Therefore, it’s essential to take your time to read the information on the website to understand the agency’s vision, how they operate, their requirements, and other details.

Be Honest

Being honest is crucial for building trust, which is fundamental in the escort industry. When applying to an agency, it’s essential to be truthful about your age, current professional status, escort experience, and other relevant details. Dishonesty can harm the trust between you and the manager once the truth comes to light.

Introduce Yourself Properly

Agencies receive model applications daily, so standing out by introducing yourself properly is essential. Sending an e-mail saying, “Hello, I want to be an escort” will likely result in your e-mail being deleted. Agency managers appreciate a proper introduction, which sets a good foundation for future collaboration.

Frequently asked questions regarding escort jobs

What does it take to be a high-class escort model?

Being a high-class escort involves providing companionship to VIP gentlemen at events like dinners, parties, overnights, business trips, and travel. Therefore, it’s essential to be open-minded and engage in various topics such as sports, finance, local news, etc.

Avoid topics about politics and religion because these can be touchy subjects, and differing opinions could potentially spoil the positive atmosphere between you and the client.

In addition, please ensure you always look your best by taking care of your appearance and investing in your beauty. For instance, keep your manicure and pedicure in top shape; clients pay attention to those details. Furthermore, consider having some stylish cocktail dresses. Designer shoes such as Louboutins can add that extra touch.

Last but not least, avoid complaining during your dates. Clients invest a significant amount of money to escape the everyday stress of work or home, and the last thing they need is to pay a companion to spread negativity. It’s a major turn-off and will most likely result in the client not wanting to see you again. 

How to become financially successful in my escort job?

Make sure the clients want to see you over and over again! Every date with the same client should be different. Surprise him and create a long-lasting adventure. Make sure the client is looking forward to seeing you again. In addition, create a strong team with your agency managers because they will help you increase the number of bookings.

Many escorts believe that possessing beauty guarantees success in the escort industry. Unfortunately, that’s not always the truth. If you are beautiful but arrogant, thinking you don’t need to make an effort during your dates, you will soon realize it doesn’t work that way.

While stunning looks definitely help, success in the escort industry is mainly based on providing a genuine girlfriend experience. Be soft and passionate, use your charms, show authentic interest in the client, and discover common hobbies/interests. Offer your full attention and make the client feel like he is the only man on this planet. Avoid using your phone during dates, and avoid rudeness, loudness, or excessive talking. Be smart, listen, and encourage the client to talk about himself.

People love talking about themselves, and that way, the client will reveal more information about himself, which will make you get to know him better and understand his true desires. 

In addition, stay mysterious and don’t spill your life story on the first date. Also, wait to share your contact details with clients. Offering your contact details too soon, especially on the first date, will make you seem “easy to get.” Playing hard to get is attractive, especially to businessmen who appreciate a challenge; it also makes you seem more exclusive!

Last but not least, build a strong connection with your agency manager; be reliable, avoid last-minute cancellations, and always be upfront about any changes. Also, punctuality is a must; don’t keep clients waiting! Agency managers prefer to work with reliable models and will always be more likely to recommend trustworthy models to clients.

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