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Looking for high class escort girls in Antwerpen? Welcome to Millionello International! Antwerpen, the capital of Flanders, is renowned as the diamond business hub. It’s a city of charm and allure, with stunning architecture and excellent dining options. Antwerpen draws both tourists and business travelers alike.

Our clientele often includes high-end gentlemen seeking dinner date companionship while in Antwerpen. Therefore, this page provides more information about the finest restaurants and other notable attractions in the city.

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Best restaurants in Antwerpen to invite high class escorts for a dinner date

Antwerpen is known for its impressive architecture, thriving arts scene, and innovative design. It’s also a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a wealth of Michelin-starred restaurants. If you appreciate fine dining, Antwerpen is the place to be!

The best part is that we offer the chance to elevate your dining experience with the company of our carefully chosen escort girls. Our models know all the best places in Antwerpen, ensuring you discover the finest spots while exploring the city. Below, we have selected some of the best restaurants for discreet dinner dates when visiting Antwerpen.

Escort Dating @ 't Zilte Antwerpen

‘t Zilte boasts stunning 360-degree views of Antwerp and takes pride in its two Michelin stars for its exceptional food menu. Using only premium ingredients, ‘t Zilte crafts refined dishes that make it a top choice for a fine dining experience.

Dinner Dating @ The Jane

The Jane, situated in a beautifully renovated church, is a prime choice for an upscale dining experience with one of our high class escort girls from Antwerpen. With two Michelin stars, this restaurant is perfect for those who appreciate fine dining.

Pastorale Antwerpen

In the quiet village of Reet, nestled in a charming 19th-century vicarage, Pastorale offers a perfect setting for a discreet dinner date with a high class escort from Antwerpen. With its exquisite two-Michelin-star menu, you won’t be disappointed!

Vip Escort Dating @ Nuance Antwerpen

Nuance, an Antwerpen restaurant with two Michelin stars, embodies a Parisian atmosphere curated by chef Thierry Theys. It is an ideal spot for a romantic dinner date with one of our high-class escorts by your side.

Best Hotels in Antwerpen To Stay With Your High Class Escort

Not everyone can invite an escort model for a dinner date, especially those who are married and value privacy. Some clients prefer discreet encounters when dating high class escorts in Antwerpen. Additionally, high-end business individuals visiting Antwerpen often opt for private dinner dates in their hotel rooms for privacy reasons.

Fortunately, Antwerpen boasts an excellent hotel scene with several options offering discreet escort dating opportunities. Below, we have highlighted two of the best and most discreet hotels where you can meet your favorite escort girls in Antwerpen.

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerpen

Botanic is situated in a former monastery transformed into luxurious accommodation. With its apartment-sized suites and luxury spa treatments, the Botanic offers an excellent option for spending a night or day with a high class escort.  

Escort Dating @ Gulde Shoen Antwerpen

If you are looking for a luxury hotel for discreet meetings with high class escorts in Antwerpen, then Gulde Schoen is the place to go! This boutique hotel offers luxurious suites for meeting escort girls in Antwerpen in a highly confidential manner.

High Class Escort Jobs In Antwerpen

Are you interested in becoming a high class escort in Antwerpen? Welcome to Millionello International! Our luxury escort agency specializes in providing VIP companionship services all over Europe, and currently, we are looking for new models to join our team.

If you are a beautiful lady between 23 and 40 and are interested in becoming a high class escort, please visit our casting page for more information. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact our general manager, Maxime, if you have any more questions about our escort jobs in Antwerpen.

Vip Sugar Daddy Services In Antwerpen

In addition to high-class escort services, we also specialize in exclusive sugar dating arrangements in Antwerpen. Are you looking for a genuine connection with a beautiful young model? Are you interested in forming a lasting relationship with someone and enjoying a girlfriend experience that goes beyond the typical escort encounters? Welcome to Mavrin Sugar Babes!

At Mavrin Sugar Babes, our sugar dating agency connects high-end individuals with exclusive models who seek a meaningful relationship and financial stability. Your chosen sugar baby will be exclusively available in exchange for monthly financial support! For more information regarding our sugar dating arrangements, please visit our Mavrin Sugar Babes website. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact our manager Maxime for more details.

Escort Service Antwerpen

Whether you are a local looking for companionship or a business traveler in search of a dinner date, Millionello Escort Agency offers a selection of stunning models to accompany you!

If you are visiting our website for the first time and need clarification on making a booking, please feel free to reach out to us! We are here to help you choose an escort that meets your preferences. 

In addition to the models featured on our website, we also have offline options. Who knows, the perfect escort for you might be in Antwerpen!

Please note: There is no pressure whatsoever! We don’t believe in pushing our clients into booking. Instead, we value building a trustworthy relationship that ensures long-term collaboration over quick financial gains!

Maxime Mavrin

The General Manager