How to build connection with an escort

how to build a connection with an escort

While most clients naturally understand setting the right mood, some need to catch up. Therefore, in this article, we would like to share the best ways how to build a connection with an escort. These tips can help create a more comfortable atmosphere and enhance the overall enjoyment of your date. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to share any additional tips.

How to build connection with an escort?

Surprise Her With A Gift

Offering a gift to an escort can make a positive impact. Though not required, surprising your favorite companion with a thoughtful gift can make her feel special. This, in return, may lead to a better service as a gesture of appreciation from her.

Show Your Generosity

Showing generosity with a decent tip is one of the best ways to build a connection with an escort. Just ensure the tip is substantial enough; otherwise, you might come across as stingy. Typically, clients give a 10% tip, but 20% is considered generous!

Don't Ask Her Contact Details

If you booked an escort through an agency, asking for her contact details is impolite. It comes off as rude and makes you seem cheap. Escorts understand clients want a better deal, but making them feel overrated isn’t the best way to make them like you.

Respect Her Boundaries

Disregarding an escort’s boundaries is highly inappropriate behavior for a client. Not only does it make you appear disrespectful and rude, but it could also result in the escort terminating the date without refunding the already paid fee.

Good Hygiene Is A Must

A client doesn’t have to be a handsome gentleman in a suit to impress an escort, but he must maintain good personal hygiene. Any high-level escort won’t tolerate poor hygiene; this is the number one turn-off for escorts.

Avoid Discussing Your Spouse

Talking about your spouse while going through a divorce is understandable. However, some models might develop a negative opinion if they discover that a happily married gentleman is dating escorts, which could impact how they see you.

Avoid Showing Off

Luxury escorts frequently meet wealthy individuals and are used to luxurious settings. Therefore, they aren’t easily impressed by material possessions. Instead of opting for a € 2.000 hotel suite, consider booking a € 500 room and offering a generous € 1.500 tip. This gesture is the best way to make an escort like you.

Avoid Discussing Other Escorts

High-class escorts are drawn to genuine gentlemen who treat them with respect. Discussing other escorts is impolite. What happens between you and your escort should be kept confidential. Furthermore, your escort may feel uncomfortable sharing personal details if she senses you’re not discreet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What gift would be appropriate when booking an escort for the first time?

Choosing the perfect gift for a woman you’ve never met can be tricky. We recommend contacting our general manager, Maxime, as he’s familiar with all our models and can help you pick the ideal gift.

While most clients go for a perfume, there’s a chance the model may not like the specific scent. Another option is to consider giving a generous tip if you’re unsure what to buy. Every escort model appreciates a tip!

Is it a good idea to tip an escort in the beginning? Or should I wait till the end of our date?

If you have already met the particular model, you should tip her at the beginning of your date. Your generosity will be much appreciated and will result in better service.

For a first-time meeting, you might want to wait until the end of the date to give a tip. Doing so will create a positive atmosphere for future encounters. Alternatively, consider giving a smaller tip at the beginning and another at the end.

Does an escort expect a gift or tip?

Gifts or tips are not expected but are always very much appreciated, and the best way to make an escort like you!

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