Is it safe to work as an escort

is it safe to work as escort?

Privacy and safety are typically the main concerns for escort girls. Many ask: Is it safe to work as an escort? Therefore, we will offer valuable tips and insights to enhance safety based on our two decades of experience in the field. At Millionello International, we understand the importance of privacy and safety for every escort, and our goal is to address concerns and provide practical advice for navigating these aspects of the profession.

The information on this topic provides valuable tips for high-class escorts, whether they work with agencies or operate independently. Do you have more suggestions on enhancing privacy and safety in the escort industry? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; your input is highly appreciated!

A few tips on how to enhance your safety

Phonecall With Client

If you are working independently and dealing with a new client, make sure you have a phone call with him before confirming the reservation. A live conversation provides a better understanding of the client compared to text messages or e-mails. If you’re with an agency, the manager will handle this.

Reservation Check

Whether your client chooses to meet you at a restaurant or his hotel, be sure to call the accommodation to confirm if the client has a reservation. This precautionary step will help prevent encounters with fake clients and improve your overall safety. If you’re with an agency, the manager will handle this.

Advance Payment

If the client pays in cash, complete the transaction within fifteen minutes of the meeting. Counting the money in front of the client is considered impolite, so politely excuse yourself to the bathroom to count the money. It will prevent any misunderstandings or unnecessary confrontations later.

Update On Your Situation

If you have a more extended booking, such as travel arrangements, remember to periodically update your person of trust (parents, girlfriend, agency manager, etc.) on your situation for their awareness of your safety and comfort, especially if you are planning sightseeing outside of your hotel or resort.

Excessive Alcohol Use

Some clients apply the strategy of constantly refilling your glass of wine or champagne, creating the illusion that your glass is always full and subconsciously making you feel like you need to consume more. It’s essential to be aware of this technique to avoid getting drunk and lose control of the situation.

Watch Your Drink

Always keep an eye on your drink, especially when leaving for the bathroom, to avoid potential liquid drug addition to your drink by the client. While this instance is extreme and rarely happens with an agency, they have been reported by independent escorts dealing with first-time clients.

Avoid Confrontations

Maintaining a good connection with the client is crucial; therefore, it’s best to avoid any direct confrontations. Discreetly text the agency manager if there are any misunderstandings or if the client disrespects your boundaries. Let the agency manager handle the situation and resolve the issue.

Inspect Your Bag

Before leaving the client at the end of your meeting, discreetly inspect your bag in the bathroom. Double-check the payment, and make sure you have your passport, flight ticket, wallet, phone, jewelry, and other valuables. Taking these precautions can prevent unnecessary misunderstandings afterward.

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